Clarino™ uses biomimicry in the construction of their patented base cloth manufacturing to replicate the cell like structure found in animal leather.
This gives the microfiber leather premium hand feel, durability, stretch and recovery. In addition it allows for advanced engineering to maximize the physical properties of the material to outperform standard leather. Experience the evolution for yourself!


Clarino™ microfiber leather is more than just a beautiful finish - Clarino™’s nonwoven microfiber is made using what is commonly referred to as the “Islands-in-the-Sea” process. It starts with a multi-component fiber; the “sea” portion of the multi-component fiber is removed and the “islands” remain surrounded by polyurethane. Put simply, we have replicated the natural collagen fiber structure of a leather hide.

Picking up where mother nature left off, the performance features of Clarino™’s Microfiber Leather have become a benchmark in the footwear industry.

Clarino’s microfiber leather DS-30 is an excellent all around leather replacement. It is engineered to outlast and outperform standard animal leather.
TIRRENINA Mirage, Clarino’s microfiber version of kangaroo leather, is stable in wet conditions. It offers consistent performance and improved recovery.
Clarino’s TIRRENINA Nubuck won’t dry out over time, offering consistent performance over the lifetime of the shoe. The luxurious nubuck microfiber is beautiful on its own or blended with leather for performance and cost savings.

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