Independent Steel-Toe Boot Wear Test

Testing Details

  • Shoe: Steel-toe boot
  • Upper material: Yellowstone 1.35mm
  • Number of Wear Testers: 11 testers
  • Testing duration: 41 days
  • Average hours: 200 hours per tester
  • Average tester height/weight: 71 inches/194 lbs
  • Occupations include: Construction, Electrician, Outdoor, Fish & Game & Casual
WearTest conducted by Mesh01.

Water Repellency

Tester’s overall impression of the shoe’s water resistance improved over time. After 200 hours, 43% of workers graded the boot as “Outstanding”.

Initial Impression

    After 200 Hours

      Tester Comments

      • Lighter work boot than I’m used to, but provides great initial comfort.

      • I’ve yet to scratch or rip them, which typically I have done quickly.

      • The uppers are very strong and durable, very little wear and tear on the upper after wearing everyday at work.

      • Awesome water repelling capability. Wore them in the rain and did not have the slightest dampness.

      • Almost no break in time needed. Felt comfortable immediately. Nice change from other leather work boots.

      • I never sweat in these boots, and I sweat in all of my boots, but not these!

      • I have yet to get a serious gash in the leather like I have with other boots… It’s very soft leather, but very durable.

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